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Sharing a vision of clinical excellence in imaging analysis

Best Practice
Philips CT Clinical Science Philips Healthcare • USA

The cardiac and oncologic imaging applications of IntelliSpace Portal in a single network

The Customers

Professor Pierre-Jean Valette

Head of the Imaging, Radiology & NM Department, Le Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, member of Hospices Civils de Lyon, France


Professor Philippe Douek

Professor of radiology at Hôpital Louis Pradel and Chair of the Imaging Department, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France


Hospices Civils de Lyon:

  • Over 5,000 clinicians
  • 5,300 beds
  • 123 operating rooms
  • More than 990,000 consultations per year
  • Approximately 500,000 studies annually across all modalities (200,000 of them CT)


The Challenge

Deploy an advanced visualization and analysis solution that supports collaboration and rapid analysis at separate sites and for distinct clinical specialties.


The Solutions

Oncologic imaging applications on IntelliSpace Portal:

  • CT Liver Analysis
  • Multi Modality Tumor Tracking


Cardiac and vascular imaging applications on IntelliSpace Portal:

  • CT Advanced Vessel Analysis
  • CT TAVI Planning
  • CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis
  • CT Calcium Scoring


Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) consists of 14 sites, but one goal unites the network: To deliver outstanding patient care, medical innovation, training, and research. Recognized as a Public Center of Excellence, HCL is also France’s second-largest university hospital network. To help fulfill this promise of clinical excellence, two HCL sites – Le Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud (oncology) and Hôpital Louis Pradel (cardiology) – rely on IntelliSpace Portal, an advanced visualization and analysis solution from Philips. As well as providing fast, efficient input to patient treatment, clinicians can stay up to date with technological developments in advanced visualization.

CT Liver Analysis CT TAVI Planning
CT Liver Analysis
CT TAVI Planning


Within each specialty, clinicians like Professor Valette and Professor Douek have distinct workflows and preferences in advanced visualization and analysis. “I take patient care personally,” says Professor Valette. “I meet each patient, listen to their concerns, and decide on the best course of action. So my schedule has to balance time with patients and reading and analyzing oncology images.” Professor Douek also considers the volume of cardiology and vascular cases his site handles. “Every year, we conduct nearly 8,000 CT and 2,000 MR scans. We’re excited to introduce new technology, but it has to keep interruptions to our work to a minimum.”


Increasing diagnostic confidence

Professor Douek feels the cardiology and vascular applications on the IntelliSpace Portal complement his team’s expertise. “The algorithms [which drive zero-click pre-processing behind segmentation and bone removal] have become more robust,” he remarks. “CT TAVI Planning is outstanding – it delivers good segmentation and it’s easy to edit the automatic results for fine landmark positioning.” Another popular application, CT Advanced Vessel Analysis, uses two innovative algorithms: CT threshold-based and model-based segmentation.


Working efficiently and as a team

Collaboration has taken on a new dimension for Professor Valette’s oncology workflow. “IntelliSpace Portal lets me introduce post-processing to surgeons, which is an excellent basis for discussion. At the same time, I can delegate specific advanced visualization tasks to 3D technicians on our team. This includes creating reports with IntelliSpace Portal and sharing them with technicians who are based elsewhere in our network.”


Professor Valette works quickly with the help of IntelliSpace Portal oncology applications such as Multi Modality Tumor Tracking. CT Liver Analysis also stands out. “This application has changed my work life,” he says. “The liver segmentation itself is very good, and I can finish cases in five to ten minutes – that used to take up to 30 minutes.”


At the Hôpital Louis Pradel site, IntelliSpace Portal has also helped speed time to diagnosis. “Our team thinks it’s a user-friendly solution overall,” Professor Douek explains. “And the applications we frequently use, such as CT Advanced Vessel Analysis, CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis, and CT Calcium Scoring, have good, fast tools.”


Tomorrow’s technology, today

Both HCL sites have been able to reap the rewards of continuous evolution with IntelliSpace Portal. The solution now features a thin-client design that allows users to access images and applications virtually anytime, anywhere. “My oncology cases sometimes require me to work from two sites,” remarks Professor Valette, “and it is a huge benefit to be able to perform the analyses at either location.” Professor Douek agrees: “We like the mobility IntelliSpace Portal offers as an enterprise solution. Our cardiology department recently invested in six CT scanners, and the next step will be to replace our workstations with IntelliSpace Portal.”

Professor Pierre-Jean Valette <br />Professor Philippe Douek <br />
Professor Pierre-Jean Valette
Professor Philippe Douek

Benefits at a glance
  • Individual analysis supported by strong algorithms on a wide variety of applications
  • Closer collaboration between clinicians combined with fast analysis
  • Access virtually anytime, anywhere thanks to thin-client, “workstation-less” design

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Sep 8, 2016

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Best Practice
IntelliSpace Portal
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