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Giant teratoma in neonate

Case Study
Willinek, Winfried, M.D. Bonn, University of Bonn • Germany

Patient history

A neonate with a giant teratoma from the throat underwent an MRI exam prior to surgery at University of Bonn, Germany.

MR examination

MR imaging was done on Ingenia 3.0T release 4.
The dS HeadNeck coil was used.


DWIBS IR image
High-resolution T2-weighted imaging demonstrates the anatomical
and morphological situation. Ingenia 3.0T is used with the dS
HeadNeck coil top. Voxel size is 0.50 x 0.55 x 3 mm in T2W.


MRI visualizes the structures in the teratoma.

Clinical impact of Ingenia 3.0T in pediatric imaging

Especially in the areas of neonates and very young children the benefits of the Ingenia 3.0T can really be appreciated. For newborns in particular, the system’s exceptionally high spatial resolution allows us to easily visualize the tiny anatomy of our patients. And we can also invest the high SNR that comes from Ingenia’s digital architecture into developing fast protocols. Fast imaging is particularly important for newborns, neonates and infants, because these patients are most of the time sedated or anesthetized during the exam, and it’s essential that the time under anesthesia should be kept as short as possible.

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May 15, 2013

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Case Study
Ingenia 3.0T
Release 4
dStream, Neuro, Oncology, Pediatric, teratoma

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