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Clinical News
Philips CT Marketing Philips Healthcare • USA

Philips Access CT

Healthcare providers are being asked to deliver confident diagnoses for a vast array of patient needs—while simultaneously managing cost constraints. And as they seek to meet these demands, they need reliable technology partners who can simplify CT ownership and allow them to stay focused on their patients. These issues raise a significant challenge:

How can institutions provide the level of clinical care their patients need, while ensuring their practice operates profitably?

Whether you’re investing in your first CT scanner or expanding your ability to meet the healthcare needs of your community, Access CT delivers what you require in a CT solution—from clinical breadth to economic value to reliable support and service.

Access CT allows you to access more:
  • Increased referrals
  • More savings
  • A trusted partner

Discover how the Access CT will help you realize your vision for your practice with a wise investment. Not available in the USA. And will enable you to access more.

Access increased referrals

By delivering consistent image quality across a wide range of clinical needs, the Philips Access CT will help increase referral opportunities.

Satisfied referring physicians
The iFlow intelligent workflow platform automates and simplifies workflow at the console. Enable high image quality for referring physicians by utilizing iFlow’s smart tools to improve operator-tooperator consistency at every step.

Greater clinical breadth

Accommodate patients of different sizes without tradeoffs in image quality.

Efficiently expand your capabilities with advanced applications available right at the console to allow for simplified post-processing.

Diagnostic confidence
Gain the diagnostic confidence you need to attract and retain patients.

Access more savings

The Philips Access CT is equipped with tools that will allow your organization to operate more efficiently and economically.
  • Longer tube life: Reduce tube replacement cost— the most significant ongoing cost of CT ownership—with iDose⁴, a proven reconstruction algorithm that allows you to reduce mA while maintaining image quality.
  • Consistent image quality: Improve consistency from operator to operator with iFlow’s suite of automation features that helps you minimize the costs associated with re-scans.
 iFlow’s automated workflow reduces variability at each step in the technologist’s routine.
iFlow’s automated workflow reduces variability at each step in the technologist’s routine.

Access a trusted partner

Maximize your uptime and take the worry out of CT ownership with Philips expertise, tools and training.
  • Easy onboarding: Begin scanning patients sooner with iFlow’s automated user interface that simplifies training for your technologists.
  • Remote services: Remote services enables a first-time fix rate of 74%*—getting you up and scanning quickly in the event an issue arises.
  • Proactive monitoring: 24/7 Keep your focus on patient care with continuous monitoring that solves problems before they can impact your day-to-day operations.

Acquiring a CT scanner is an important investment that will impact your practice and your community’s health for years to come. The Philips Access CT enables increased referrals, more efficient operating costs, and reliable support— creating the total cost of ownership you’re looking for, so that you and your patients can truly access more.

*Data collected across Philips portfolio scanners using Remote Services.


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Mar 23, 2017

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Clinical News
Access CT
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