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First Panorama 1.0T open system installed in Las Vegas

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The world's first clinical installation of the Panorama 1.0T is at Nevada Imaging Centers (NIC), Las Vegas, Nev. "We chose to purchase the Panorama 1.0T for a number of reasons," says Pat McLellan, R.N., Executive Administrator at NIC. "It's an open system that allows us to scan all patients, but it doesn't compromise image quality and scan time, both of which are equivalent to a 1.5T."



Nevada Imaging Centers Garey McLellan, MD Pat McLellan
Nevada Imaging Centers
Garey McLellan, MD
Pat McLellan

Nevada Imaging Centers has found that patient comfort, especially, has made a significant difference in its daily operations. "Patients are usually tense when they come to an imaging facility," she observes. "The Panorama 1.0T's very patient-friendly, open design allows patients to feel at ease when they first enter the room. Patient comfort is an extremely important aspect, that we wish to provide."


Garey McLellan, M.D., the NIC Medical Director working with the Panorama 1.0T, points out that the system also benefits department workflow. "Panorama 1.0T improves patient flow by virtue of three advantages," he says. "It is an open system, which is easier for the patient to accept. The removable FastTrak docking table enables positioning of the patient and coils before entering the room. The system's ExamCards - which are preprogrammed imaging sequences for particular studies - make it very easy for the technologist to initiate and rapidly complete a scan."


Panorama 1.0T's vertical field contributes to excellent scanning performance, Dr. McLellan adds. "The Panorama 1.0T system is capable of superb scanning in virtually any MR application," he says. "Orthopedic, body, spine, central nervous system, cardiac and breast imaging all provide excellent results. Panorama 1.0T offers the advantage of high field strength for applications we think require that, particularly imaging of small structures, such as the IAC, fingers, wrist, plus any other applications for which we think high resolution or rapid scan time are required," he says.


Patient-friendliness notwithstanding, the Panorama 1.0T is proving quite appealing to MR professionals as well, says Pat McLellan. "Being a front runner in open MR allows us to attract referring physicians, and radiologists and technologists who want to work at the forefront of radiology."

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Nov 30, 2004

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