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Philips MR at RSNA 2012

Clinical News
MRI NetForum Team Philips Healthcare • Netherlands

The theme of this year’s RSNA meeting, Patients First, fits Philips like a glove. Philips MR has a long tradition of patient-focused design, such as Ambient Experience, wide open Panorama HFO, and Ingenia with a wide bore, comfortable coils, smooth workflow and top performance. With partners and collaborators, Philips is continuously transforming care, together resulting in innovations and products that were designed with patients in mind.

Ingenia accelerating patient care

A wealth of clinical results from both Ingenia 1.5T and 3.0T demonstrates the capabilities of the first-ever digital broadband MRI system. At the Philips booth at RSNA you can find news on how Ingenia with dStream truly changes expectations of what is possible with MRI.

Not only does Philips focus on the latest clinical applications but also on the necessary workflow enablers, which simplify and address your economic concerns. With dS-SENSE, body imaging near the speed of CT is demonstrated with chest, abdomen and pelvis coverage in around 8 seconds with mDIXON 3D gradient echo acquisition. In every clinical area Philips MR offers a strong set of methods and tools that support you in your aims to accelerate patient outcomes.

New applications

Philips is developing the mDIXON TSE* method, a two-point technique designed for fat-free imaging with short scan times in all clinical areas. For neuroradiology, the Philips ASL package is being expanded with the new highly sensitive pCASL* method designed for non-contrast whole brain perfusion imaging in color.

 mDIXON TSE with large FOV
mDIXON TSE with large FOV

Volumetric imaging continues to grow in importance and now the next generation

3D VIEWS* techniques are being developed for bringing high quality results to spine

and musculoskeletal applications. For body radiology, Philips presents mDIXON-Quant*, a multi-echo technique designed to provide accurate 3D fat fraction quantification maps, and targeting anatomies such as the liver. 

* Work in Progress

Ingenia’s dStream technology now available for Achieva, Intera

The revolutionary dStream broadband technology that Philips introduced with Ingenia, is now available as an upgrade for Intera and Achieva systems*, SmartPath to dStream provides enhanced image quality, improved workflow, easier coil handling and patient comfort.

dStream technology features signal digitization directly at the patient, delivering high SNR that benefits image quality and speed. The lightweight dStream digital coils are comfortable for patients and the easy coil handling significantly benefits workflow. SmartSelect automatically determines the coil elements to use, shortening scan setup time.

SmartPath to dStream builds on the existing Achieva or Intera magnet and is a cost-effective way to digital broadband MRI. Compared to system replacement it saves magnet cost, reconstruction cost and limits down time and disturbance for the facility. 

* Consult your local sales representative to learn about the exact upgrade
options for your system.


IntelliSpace Portal offers access virtually anywhere

Providing multimodality, multivendor, multispecialty image analysis and review, IntelliSpace Portal offers enterprise-wide access to vital patient data, allowing fast, simple collaboration. Task guidance and automation in applications like Tumor Tracking and Cartilage Assessment allow fast processing and flexible presentation of results.


Convenient intra-operative MRI with Ingenia MR-OR

Ingenia MR-OR enables performing MRI during surgery to help determine if a resection is complete or if continued surgery is needed. With Ingenia’s dual-room MR-OR setup, the MR system can be used for regular diagnostic imaging when not being used in surgery. With a triple-room OR-MR-OR setup, two ORs can utilize the same MR system. Transferring from OR to MR and back again is smooth and comfortable for both patient and clinician, and Ingenia’s wide bore and superb image quality can benefit workflow and patient care.

 Ingenia MR-OR
Ingenia MR-OR


Philips presents new Multiva 1.5T MRI system

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Nov 30, 2012

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Clinical News
Ingenia 1.5T, Ingenia 3.0T, IntelliSpace Portal, Multiva 1.5T
dS-SENSE, dStream, Ingenia MR-OR, IntelliSpace, Interventional, mDIXON, SmartPath to dStream, Spine

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