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Philips’ NetForum draws MR user community closer together

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Philips' NetForum draws MR user community closer together


Since 1995, Philips established a successful series of regular user network meetings, with ever-increasing international attendance. Now, through radical innovation that integrates the Internet and the MR scanner, Philips unites MR customers all over the world, on-line. In addition to the face-toface meetings, Philips' new NetForum Community now enables users and Philips specialists to share their experiences and insights on-line at any time.



Clinically relevant information, such as ExamCards, clinical reviews, case studies, application tips as well as explanations and evaluations of MRI techniques are provided. Also available are links to education and training information, product information and publications (Field Strength, Medica Mundi). Registered NetForum users can tailor their NetForum environment to their personal areas of interest in an easy and flexible manner.

Users can download ExamCards directly to the scanner

The full potential of NetForum is realized when ExamCards are shared among customers over the Web. NetForum enables ExamCards to be downloaded directly to the scanner, via a secure network. This option is available for Achieva, Intera Release 11 and Panorama 1.0T users.


NetForum hosts a library of ExamCards with sample images, contributed by Philips MR users, application specialists and clinical scientists. An ExamCard represents a complete clinical strategy, including a sequence of scan protocols and explanations. An ExamCard also stores how scan protocols are interrelated. For example, an examination consisting of multiple stations can be planned at once. ExamCards can be edited and optimized for individual patients.


"NetForum enables our customers to keep up to date with the latest clinical and technical developments, with direct download into their own scanner. In addition, NetForum will provide additional clinical strategy information with each ExamCard," says Andre van Est, Philips Director of MR Applications. "These include backgrounds, patient selection, contra-indications, critical parameters, tips for evaluating examinations, and sample cases."

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Mar 11, 2005

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