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Philips displays clinical and operational excellence at RSNA 2009

Clinical News
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Philips MRI displays clinical and operational excellence at RSNA 2009

At RSNA 2009, Philips reinforces its leadership role in 3.0T technology and advanced clinical solutions. A strong portfolio is exhinited of MR products that enhance clinical capabilities and simplify imaging workflow.

Achieva 3.0T TX fully equipped for breast imaging, biopsy

The Achieva 3.0T TX scanner with MultiTransmit technology has demonstrated to be a successful product in clinical practice at many sites. MultiTransmit addresses dielectric shading at the source delivering improved image consistency and signal uniformity. The Achieva 3.0T TX can be combined with the MammoTrak patient support for superb, consistent high quality breast imaging and biopsy with efficient workflow and patient friendliness. MultiTransmit now also offers benefits for imaging applications in the brain.

Elite Clinical Solution for prostate

The Elite Prostate Clinical Solution brings together a full range of imaging and spectroscopy capabilities, coil combinations, data analysis and biopsy planning software and a new MR compatible biopsy device for targeted MR image guided biopsies.

Further enhancements in Elite Clinical Solutions

The 32-channel SENSE Head coil offers enhanced 3.0T brain imaging as well as fMRI, DTI and spectroscopic imaging. Increased signal-tonoise ratio and multidirectional parallel imaging enable improved imaging quality and high SENSE acceleration factors. MultiTransmit parallel RF transmission in combination with this coil provides an outstanding combination for excellent image quality and fast scanning.


The Cardiac Explorer and Vessel Explorer packages for automated, task-guided analysis of CMR and MRA data strengthen the Elite Cardiac and Elite Vascular Clinical Solutions.

Five successful years confirm efficacy of Panorama HFO

Already five years ago Philips was the first vendor to introduce a high field open system. Since then Panorama HFO has established its reputation of combining high field image quality with patient comfort offered by its wide open design. Last October a successful international symposium on high field open MRI was held in Berlin, attracting more than 80 participants from more than 10 countries. The symposium covered the wide open clinical versatility of the system - from breast imaging and biopsy to dynamic scanning of joints, from fetal imaging to interventional therapy. Participants also had a chance to experience hands-on how easy interventional MRI procedures could be. Panorama highlights at RSNA are new 8-channel coils for body and breast imaging.

More innovation proofpoints

The Philips booth also highlights SmartExam one-click reproducible scanning for brain, spine, breast, shoulder, knee and the "rampable" Achieva XR, the MR system that is easily upgraded from 1.5T to 3.0T without a magnet swap. Also featured is Achieva 1.5T SE, providing the best gradients in its class, and PowerSave, which smartly reduces energy consumption.

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Investigational MR-HIFU system showcased

MR imaging is an optimal modality for guiding and monitoring High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation procedures because of its excellent soft tissue contrast, 3D imaging capabilities and its ability to non-invasively measure temperature. Philips is showing its MR-HIFU system, a tabletop design with an integrated transducer and 5D positioning system is currenty under clinical investigation.

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Dec 1, 2009

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