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Spectroscopy reaches new levels of speed and ease of use

Clinical News
Jones, Alun Philips Healthcare Philips Global

With SmartExam, MRI has taken a huge leap forward, but within the same software, MR Spectroscopy (MRS), has also taken a gigantic stride in both ease of use and functionality.


MRS has always been seen as a difficult technique that required a physicist or highly trained operator to obtain consistent high quality results and the analysis required complex off-line software. Now though, with the integration of Spectroscopy within ExamCards and fully automated preparation phases a spectroscopy scan can be obtained in just two steps:


1. Select the appropriate ExamCard

2. Plan the position of the voxel or slice(s)


 <em>Planning a single voxel spectroscopy sequence in ExamCards</em><br><br>
Planning a single voxel spectroscopy sequence in ExamCards

The system will do all of the preparation phases required in a short time and then automatically run the sequence - simplicity itself without additional user interaction, i.e. having to analyze the preparation phases and water suppression optimization. In addition the system can store all previous preparation phases for that patient and re-use them to further reduce preparation time in subsequent scans - exactly the same as auto-prep in imaging.


To analyze the data is also a two-step process:


1. Select the Spectro data in SpectroView

2. Run the script


 <em>Analyzing a single voxel scan.</em><br><br>
Analyzing a single voxel scan.

 <em>Analyzing a Spectroscopic imaging sequence. </em><br><br>
Analyzing a Spectroscopic imaging sequence.

So in four simple steps you have acquired and analyzed your Spectroscopy sequence - no one else can match this speed and simplicity.


It is not just about simplicity because the Spectroscopy Specialist package is technologically advanced with every single type of sequence available on the system. Now you can choose from:

  • single voxel
  • CSI or TSI
  • 1D, 2D single slice, 2D multi-slice or 3D


Due to the flexibility of the parameters within the protocols (exactly the same as with routine imaging) any spectroscopy sequence can be easily manipulated to the exact wishes of the customer.


Also unique to Philips is the ability to add SENSE to CSI and TSI sequences to give the added benefits of either faster scanning or higher matrices in the same scan time. In addition the ability to have TE times of less than 10 ms to allow more SNR and to help differentiate metabolites also gives a big advantage to Philips.


The Spectroscopy package is now so complete that any anatomy can be scanned, any coil can be used and any technique is available and of course for the Brain this can be combined with SmartExam. For the customer this means a simple choice of a single package - not multiple packages for multiple anatomies.


Spectroscopy Specialist - your clear advantage in MRS.

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May 24, 2007

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