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Transform to digital for expanded clinical capabilities and speed

Clinical News
MRI NetForum Team Philips Healthcare • Netherlands

SmartPath to dStream converts Achieva or Intera into a state-of-the-art digital broadband system

SmartPath to dStream offers all the benefits of a digital broadband architecture, without the cost and hassle of installing a completely new system. It transforms an existing Philips MR system into a digital broadband MR scanner. This not only saves money on the magnet itself, but also saves the reconstruction work and cost that would be necessary for magnet replacement.

                           Achieva                           ---->                SmartPath to dStream
Achieva T2W TSE, Torso XL coil, 0:30 min.<br>SmartPath to dStream <strong>Enhanced SNR, uniformity and speed</strong><br>T2W TSE, dS Torso coil, 0:14 min.<br>
SmartPath to dStream
T2W TSE, Torso XL coil, 0:30 min.
Enhanced SNR, uniformity and speed
T2W TSE, dS Torso coil, 0:14 min.
Achieva VISTA FLAIR, 8:16 minSmartPath to dStream <strong>Enhanced volumetric imaging.</strong><br>BrainView FLAIR MPR, 4:53 min.<br>
SmartPath to dStream
VISTA FLAIR, 8:16 min
Enhanced volumetric imaging.
BrainView FLAIR MPR, 4:53 min.
Achieva Cine B-TFE conventional 3.0TSmartPath to dStream <strong>Enhanced uniformity and contrast.</strong><br>
Cine B-TFE with MultiTransmit 4D <br>
SmartPath to dStream
Cine B-TFE conventional 3.0T
Enhanced uniformity and contrast.
Cine B-TFE with MultiTransmit 4D

dStream digital technology

dStream is a digital broadband architecture that Philips first introduced with Ingenia. This technological breakthrough brings outstanding clinical capabilities, excellent patient experience and exceptional workflow. By reusing the existing magnet, SmartPath to dStream now offers users of Achieva or Intera access to all these benefits without the need to install a completely new system. The digital platform provided by SmartPath to dStream provides higher SNR than the original system. The integrated posterior coil, the easy coil handling and many automated steps in exam planning streamline workflow and can bring up to 30% improvement in throughput.

Channel independence

As the digitization of signal occurs in the coil, the number of channels available is determined by the coil, rather than the system. This enables plug-and-play expansion of clinical capabilities without major hardware upgrades, resulting in lower lifecycle costs and improved economic value.

                    Intera/Achieva                       ---->                 SmartPath to dStream
Intera SmartPath to dStream Digitization in the coil.
SmartPath to dStream
Digitization in the coil.
Intera/Achieva Analog cableSmartPath to dStream Fiber-optic cable for boadband data transmission.
SmartPath to dStream
Analog cable
Fiber-optic cable for boadband data transmission.
Achieva SENSE XL Torso coilSmartPath to dStream Increased patient space with dS Torso coil solution, same volunteer
SmartPath to dStream
SENSE XL Torso coil
Increased patient space with dS Torso coil solution, same volunteer
 Longer total exam time Faster scanning and improved workflow
Longer total exam time
Faster scanning and improved workflow

Advanced techniques for excellent imaging

dStream captures a high purity MR signal directly in the coil on the patient. Fiber-optic cable is used for broadband data transmission without signal loss. The result is a high SNR, similar to Ingenia. SmartPath to dStream also provides dS SENSE parallel imaging for outstanding image quality and speed. For 3.0T systems, dStream with MultiTransmit 4D enhances image uniformity, reduces dielectric shading and helps manage local SAR, even during real-time applications. 

Enhanced workflow

The FlexCoverage posterior coil is integrated underneath the tabletop, which provides increased patient space in routine applications like spine and body. FlexStream is designed to streamline workflow by shortening exam setup times, and reducing the number of repetitive tasks. Faster scanning and improved workflow can bring up to 30% improvement in throughput in a variety of routine exams.

For more information, see:

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Oct 22, 2013

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Clinical News
Achieva 1.5T, Achieva 3.0T, Intera 1.5T, Intera 3.0T
Abdomen, Body, Brain, Cardiac, Heart, Musculoskeletal, Neuro, SmartPath to dStream

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