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Coronary artery assessment by multidetector CT in patients with prosthetic heart valves

Philips CT Clinical Science Philips Healthcare • USA

Habets J, van den Brink RB, Uijlings R, Spijkerboer AM, Mali WP, Chamuleau SA, Budde RP.

* This article originally published in the June 2012 edition of European Radiology.
Patients with prosthetic heart valves may require assessment for coronary artery disease. We assessed whether valve artefacts hamper coronary artery assessment by multidetector CT.

ECG-gated or -triggered CT angiograms were selected from our PACS archive based on the presence of prosthetic heart valves. The best systolic and diastolic axial reconstructions were selected for coronary assessment. Each present coronary segment was scored for the presence of valve-related artefacts prohibiting coronary artery assessment. Scoring was performed in consensus by two observers.

Eighty-two CT angiograms were performed on a 64-slice (n = 27) or 256-slice (n = 55) multidetector CT. Eighty-nine valves and five annuloplasty rings were present. Forty-three out of 1160 (3.7%) present coronary artery segments were non-diagnostic due to valve artefacts (14/82 patients). Valve artefacts were located in right coronary artery (15/43; 35%), left anterior descending artery (2/43; 5%), circumflex artery (14/43; 32%) and marginal obtuse (12/43; 28%) segments. All cobalt-chrome containing valves caused artefacts prohibiting coronary assessment. Biological and titanium-containing valves did not cause artefacts except for three specific valve types.

Most commonly implanted prosthetic heart valves do not hamper coronary assessment on multidetector CT. Cobalt-chrome containing prosthetic heart valves preclude complete coronary artery assessment because of severe valve artefacts.

Key Points
  • Most commonly implanted prosthetic heart valves do not hamper coronary artery assessment 
  • Prosthetic heart valve composition determines the occurrence of prosthetic heart valve-related artefacts 
  • Björk-Shiley and Sorin tilting disc valves preclude diagnostic coronary artery segment assessment.
For more information about this publication, check out the PubMed listing for this article.

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Aug 20, 2013

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Brilliance 64-channel
2012 scientific publications, Cardiac, coronary angiography, coronary arteries, coronary artery disease, ECG-gated, Extended Brilliance Workspace 4.0, LAD, RCA, Vascular

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