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Respiratory motion management for CT

White Paper
Philips CT Clinical Science Philips Healthcare • USA

Click the link at the bottom of this page to download a PDF version of a white paper focusing on respiratory motion management for CT.

The topic of using CT for respiratory motion assessment in preparation for radiation therapy treatment has generated hundreds of published manuscripts in the literature and numerous talks at conferences. To cover this subject in a comprehensive manner is well beyond the scope of this white paper. However, this document will provide an overview of the basics of respiratory correlated (or gated) CT (aka 4D-CT). It provides a detailed description of this functionality as implemented on the Philips CT Big Bore. Respiratory devices, workflow, geometric and temporal accuracy, theoretical basis for 4D-CT, and image processing tools are all topics covered in this white paper.

Both prospective techniques where the respiratory device triggers a scan and retrospective methods where the respiratory waveform is utilized in binning the acquired CT data will be explained. The document explains the pros/cons of binning in sinogram vs. image space and using cine axial vs. low pitch helical for retrospective acquisitions as well as explores two binning algorithms. This includes the common linear phase method which is time based on the percentage of the breathing cycle and an algorithm which uses the waveform amplitude as a basis for binning images. Though this document is quite lengthy, it is divided into sections by subject allowing the reader to focus on his area of interest.

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Jun 25, 2013

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White Paper
CT Big Bore
4D, amplitude binning, Body, chest, cine, gated chest, helical, minimum Intensity Projection, MIP, Oncology, Prospectively gated axial technique, Pulmonary Viewer, radiation therapy, respiratory triggering, retrospective, Thorax, Tumor LOC, voxel

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