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Tach Technology: Multislice Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

White Paper
Philips CT Marketing Philips Healthcare

Philips' patented Tach Technology is a complete high-speed, multichannel data acquisition system (DAS) in a single 8 mm x 8 mm chip, on-board the Philips multislice CT scanners. Tach Technology solves the challenge of efficiently capturing and transferring the torrent of data created by large multislice datasets by integrating multiple functions into one, tiny package. The small size of the chip replaces multiple cables and large computer cards seen in conventional multislice CT detector assemblies, resulting in a virtually perfect direct-digital signal. Benefits include superb image quality and lower dose protocols compared to other multislice systems. Tach Technology is engineered to support the ultrafast, submillimeter coverage of Philips detector technology and is ready for future, wider area detectors. Tach Technology makes Brilliance CT ready for 16, 32, and 64 multislice configurations. The chips are designed to work at any gantry rotation speed - readily supporting the 420 msec. rotation speed of Brilliance CT, and capable of handling faster speeds anticipated in future scanners.


The Tach chip is integrated with the detector array (on the same board) and provides a virtually noise-free system by direct conversion of the photo detector signals to digital format. Conventional data acquisition systems collect and distribute image data in analog format leaving it open to corruption with external noise introduced by electronic components and cabling. Now, Tach Technology directly converts the incoming analog data into digital format before it leaves the chip, virtually eliminating electronic noise. Using Philips' patented technology, the Tach chip is fabricated with a unique mixed-signal process, which totally isolates the analog and digital sections inside the chip for optimum noise capability. The high-sensitivity and low-noise capability of Tach provides greater than 1,000,000:1 dynamic range.

 Philips' patented Tach chip, which helps our CT scanners attain superb image quality and lower dose protocols
Philips' patented Tach chip, which helps our CT scanners attain superb image quality and lower dose protocols
 Tach chip detail
Tach chip detail


  •  Required for high-speed multislice acquisitions using Large Area Detectors
  •  Improves overall image quality
  •  Lowers dose requirements
  •  Decreases noise, maximizing spatial and contrast resolution
  •  Makes Brilliance CT for 16, 32 and 64-channel configurations
  •  First step in delivering data for real-time multislice image reconstruction
 Tach chip size comparison with traditional detector technology
Tach chip size comparison with traditional detector technology

Multislice CT Data Transfer

Philips Brilliance CT family utilizes multiple Tach chips to efficiently capture and direct the flow of multislice data. This Tach technology DAS is capable of acquiring and transferring a revolutionary data rate of over one Gigabit per second, an exponential leap in data management compared to single-slice spiral CT scanners. Space limitations for hardware to capture and transfer data on single-slice CT scanners DAS were not an important requirement. Multi-row detectors changed the requirement when two and four channels of data were simultaneously acquired. Advanced Large Area Detector (LAD) multislice designs have greater than sixteen times the data requirement due to the increased gantry speed, but even less space to place additional components.


Tach Technology solves all of these issues by integrating the work that was accomplished with multiple cables and large computer boards. The Tach Technology chip is manufactured into the Brilliance CT data acquisition system in Philips' advanced multislice CT technology and manufacturing center.

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Jul 29, 2005

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White Paper
Brilliance 16-slice, Brilliance 40-channel, Brilliance 64-channel, Brilliance 6-slice / 10-slice
Brilliance Version 1.2, detector technology, IDT Version 3.2, image quality, low dose, Version 2.6

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