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JETStream Workspace product security: Conficker Worm

White Paper
Philips NM Marketing Philips Healthcare

Since early 2009 many of us have heard about, and some of us have been affected by, the Conficker Worm (also known as Downadup) that can infect PCs running the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Philips Healthcare Nuclear Medicine has released a security update which incorporates Microsoft update MS08-067 (Conficker Worm) for JETStream Workspace. Ask your local FSE to obtain a downloadable copy and install it on your JETStream Workspace(s) to inoculate from one of the Conficker attack vectors, a vulnerability with the Microsoft Operating System.

Please note, the update protects against only one of the attack methods that the Conficker Worm can use to compromise systems. Other ways your system can be infected include inserting an infected USB stick, which is an extremely common way for the Worm to propagate, or by non-password protected networkshared folders (or those with "weak" strength passwords). Best practices recommend that if you must put a memory stick in JETStream Workspace at all, then you should first perform a virus scan on the USB stick using a non-infected PC (for assistance with this procedure, please contact your IT group or local Service Representative).

Keep in mind that just because the update is now installed on the JETStream Workspace, it doesn't mean the JETStream Workspace cannot be re-infected. Remember that re-infection can occur from an infected USB stick or shared folders without "strong" password protection. Sometimes a revision to your dataflow mechanisms and policies are in order. While you are taking time to evaluate improvements to your security posture, please also consider that a common pathway of malware introduction into your network is to connect a laptop computer that has been infected at home or another location. The very best external protections (firewalls, etc.) are not well equipped to protect from this kind of internal exposure.

The steps and advice listed above also applies to the EBW-NM Workstation, however the MS08-067 patch has already been incorporated into the 1.0 release, therefore the downloadable patch does not need to be applied.

Philips sells, and helps you maintain, highly complex medical devices and systems. Only Philips-authorized changes are allowed to be made to these system, either by Philips personnel or (for certain products) by users if under Philips explicit published authorization directions.

Steps to take if your system is infected
If you become aware of an infection on your JETStream Workspace (via popup messages, errant behavior and rebooting, notification from your IT Group's malware scanning system, etc.), the proper steps to take are:
  1. Disconnect the device's network cable
  2. Call the Philips Healthcare Customer Care Solution Center so they can notify your FSE - In USA and Canada, call the Philips Healthcare Customer Care Solution Center at 800-722-9377. In other countries, call your local Philips contact for applications support
  3. Notify your IT Group (if they were not the ones who notified you)
  4. Your FSE will help you make backups of user and system preferences and critical configurations Your FSE will reload the device with a clean product image and restore preferences and configurations
  5. At this time, your FSE should apply the Conficker update package
  6. Make sure the site network has been cleaned by the IT Group or other qualified personnel before you reattach the JSWS to the network
  7. Reattach the device's network cable

For more information: Go to the Philips Product Security web site.  

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May 19, 2010

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White Paper
Conficker Worm

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