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Operate Philips tools and solutions more effectively with the help of content such as Product Training and ExamCards shared by other NetForum members. You can share your own experiences by submitting content.

Ingenia 1.5T and 3.0T
Learn more about Ingenia 1.5T and 3.0T with dStream. Find here all the articles and ExamCards to download for your immediate use.

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CT courses

Philips offers a variety of educational CT courses for technologists, physicians and cardiologists.


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Featured content
1.5T hip with prosthesis using MARS protocol
This release 2.6 ExamCard is designed for soft tissue imaging in patients with metal-on-metal hip prostheses. The scans are adapted to reduce metal artifacts in the images.
FAQ - Intellispace Portal
This Frequently Asked Questions page provides the answers to the most frequently questions about the Intellispace Portal.
iCT workflow for coronary CTA with Cardiac DoseRight
This application tip for the iCT system provides a pdf version of a clinical guide that demonstrates the workflow for coronary CTA with Cardiac DoseRight.

Ingenia 1.5T Fast Brain imaging
This Ingenia 1.5T ExamCard contains sequences for fast imaging in the brain, including T1w, T2w, FLAIR, DWI and 3D Inflow.
CTPA manual timing
This Brilliance 64-channel ExamCard from Ascot Radiology, Auckland, provides the procedure and methodology for CTPA using set timing.
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