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HFO Lumbar spine

Wirtanen, Pirjo Philips Healthcare Philips Global

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This Release 2 Panorama HFO ExamCard provides a collection of protocols to choose from for lumbar spine imaging. The protocols are optimized for use with the ST Body/Spine M coil. In the sagittal plane the FOV is 260 mm, and in the transverse plane 60 slices in one stack are used for large coverage.

Patient positioning

When using large coverage in transverse plane it is important to position the ST Body/Spine M coil carefully over the lumbar spine area.

ExamCard overview

Lumbar Spine
Scan 1Survey
Scan 2T1w TSE Sag
Scan 3T1w SPIR Sag
Scan 4T2w TSE Sag
Scan 5T2w SPAIR Sag
Scan 6PDw TSE Sag
Scan 8STIR Sag
Scan 9STIR LongTE Sag
Scan 10T1w TSE FAST Sag
Scan 11T1w SPIR FAST Sag
Scan 12T2w TSE FAST Sag
Scan 13T2w SPAIR FAST Sag
Scan 14PDw TSE FAST Sag
Scan 16STIR LongTE FAST Sag
Scan 17T2w TSE Tra
Scan 18T1w TSE Tra
Scan 19B-TFE Tra

ExamCard images

T2w TSE sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 0.90*1.08*4.0 mm <br>Scan time 4:12 min.T1w TSE sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 0.90*0.98*4.0 mm <br>Scan time 4:37 min.PDw DR SPAIR sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 0.96*1.18*4.0 mm <br>Scan time 4:26 min.
T2w TSE sagittal
T1w TSE sagittal
PDw DR SPAIR sagittal
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 0.90*1.08*4.0 mm
Scan time 4:12 min.
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 0.90*0.98*4.0 mm
Scan time 4:37 min.
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 0.96*1.18*4.0 mm
Scan time 4:26 min.
FAST T2w TSE sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 1.=*1.2*4.0 mm <br>Scan time 2:12  min.FAST PDw TSE sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 0.92*1.16*4.0 mm <br>Scan time 1:39 min.FAST T1w TSE SPIR sagittal FOV 260 mm <br>Voxel 1.05*1.20*4.0 mm <br>Scan time  2:52 min.
FAST T2w TSE sagittal
FAST PDw TSE sagittal
FAST T1w TSE SPIR sagittal
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 1.=*1.2*4.0 mm
Scan time 2:12 min.
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 0.92*1.16*4.0 mm
Scan time 1:39 min.
FOV 260 mm
Voxel 1.05*1.20*4.0 mm
Scan time 2:52 min.
T2w TSE transverse FOV 180*160 mm <br>Voxel 0.90*0.99*4.0 mm <br>60 slices <br>Scan time 5:24 min.T1w TSE transverse FOV 180*160 mm <br>Voxel 0.96*1.19*4.0 mm <br>60 slices <br>Scan time 6:05 min.B-TFE transverse FOV 180*180 mm <br>Voxel 0.73*0.88*4.0(2.0) mm <br>60 slices<br>Scan time 5:04 min.
T2w TSE transverse
T1w TSE transverse
B-TFE transverse
FOV 180*160 mm
Voxel 0.90*0.99*4.0 mm
60 slices
Scan time 5:24 min.
FOV 180*160 mm
Voxel 0.96*1.19*4.0 mm
60 slices
Scan time 6:05 min.
FOV 180*180 mm
Voxel 0.73*0.88*4.0(2.0) mm
60 slices
Scan time 5:04 min.

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Oct 16, 2007

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Panorama HFO
Release 2
1.0T, 1T, l-spine, Lumbar spine, Neuro

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