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Pediatric patient with lung contusions and lacerations

Case Study
Philips CT Clinical Science Philips Healthcare • USA

Clinical history

This 18 month-old female came to the Phoenix Children's Hospital emergency department as a Level I trauma auto vs. pedestrian case. The patient had multiple pulmonary contusions, pneumothorax, rib and pelvic fractures. She was referred for a chest CT scan. The technologist used the IQon Spectral CT scanner and Spectral CT Viewer to perform the exam.
Left image: Conventional CT; Right image: Iodine no water
Left image: Conventional CT; Right image: Iodine no water
Left image: Conventional CT; Right image: MonoE 40 keV
Left image: Conventional CT; Right image: MonoE 40 keV


The images acquired on the IQon Spectral CT showed:
  1. Extensive bilateral lung contusions. Evidence of lacerations in the right lung.
  2. Moderate-sized left pneumothorax. Small right pneumothorax.
  3. Mildly displaced right anterior third and fourth rib fractures. Non-displaced posterior left fourth through seventh rib fractures. Questionable non-displaced right clavicular fracture.
  4. Left iliac bone fracture at the level of the SI joint with widening of the left SI joint.
  5. Fractures of bilateral superior pubic rami, with no significant displacement.
  6. Markedly distended and fluid-filled stomach. There is also moderate distention of the second and third portion of the duodenum. SMA syndrome not entirely excluded, maybe further evaluated subsequently after patient is stable.
  7. Dilated fluid-filled esophagus, likely related to reflux. Patient is at high risk for aspiration, given this finding.

Clinical significance

With the IQon Spectral CT, spectral results are available for every patient scanned on the IQon Spectral CT.

* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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Jul 28, 2018

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Case Study
IntelliSpace Portal, IQon Spectral CT
Body, chest, emergency department, esophagus, fracture, iodine no water, lungs, MonoE, motor vehicle accident, Musculoskeletal, Pediatric, Pelvis, ribs, spectral CT, Spectral CT Viewer, trauma

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