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MRI of hip with mDIXON TSE on Ingenia 3.0T

Case Study
Lefebvre, Guillaume, M.D. CHRU Lille • France

Patient history

A 67-year-old patient with chronic painful hip without history of trauma underwent an MRI examination at University Hospital Lille (CHRU, Lille, France) to find articular or periarticular lesions. 

MR examination

The patient was examined on Ingenia 3.0T (Release 5) with the dS Torso coil solution.



Pixels 0.90 x 0.84 mm acq, 0.77 x 0.76 mm rec, slices 4/1.3 mm, TR 1853 ms, TE 40 ms.


Coronal T2W mDIXON TSE:

Pixels 1.07 x 1.06 mm acq, 0.67 x 0.67 mm rec, slices 3.5/0.4 mm, TR 4234 ms, TE 30 ms.


Click on image to enlarge.
 T2W mDIXON TSE in phase T2W mDIXON TSE water only
T2W mDIXON TSE in phase
T2W mDIXON TSE water only
 T2W mDIXON TSE in phase T2W mDIXON TSE water only
T2W mDIXON TSE in phase
T2W mDIXON TSE water only



Homogeneous fat suppression is seen on the T2W mDIXON TSE images over the whole large field of view, even in the peripheral subcutaneous fat.


Image series with and without fat suppression are obtained from the same acquisition.

In-phase images allow detailed analysis of entheses and tendon structures.

Water images provide visualization of edematous changes predominant into the distal left gluteal tendon.


Diagnosis is gluteal enthesopathy

Clinical impact of mDIXON TSE

With mDIXON TSE sequences images with and without fat suppression can be obtained simultaneously without time penalty. Fat suppression is homogeneous over the entire image, even in exams with a large field of view at 3.0T. mDIXON TSE sequences allow simultaneous finding and characterization of musculoskeletal disorders.


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Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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Dec 15, 2015

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Case Study
Ingenia 3.0T
dStream, Hip, Hips, mDIXON TSE, Musculoskeletal

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