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Enhance performance scan to plan

Clinical News
Philips CT Marketing Philips Healthcare • USA

Philips CT Big Bore is designed as a CT simulator to meet the needs of radiation oncology. The Philips iPatient platform facilitates optimal* management of image quality and radiation dose with patient-specific methods, automating routine tasks for fewer clicks and faster time to results compared to not using iPatient. These upgrades, which include Philips iPatient, are designed to further support radiation therapists and radiologists by enhancing imaging performance, dose efficiency, intuitive workflow and security for CT Big Bore systems v3.6.x and below.

* “Optimal” refers to the use of strategies and techniques that facilitate the management and control of both image quality and dose.

Upgrade to advance your capabilities

Increase accuracy across imaging, planning and treatment
  • iPatient with iDose⁴ and O-MAR allows for high image quality with reduced artifacts
  • Pulmonary Toolkit for Oncology enhances accuracy in treatment planning and therapy delivery for patients who have difficulty breathing regularly
  • Comprehensive 4D CT tools identify a target volume that encompasses the entire range of tumor motion
Accelerate time to treatment
  • iPatient provides a standardized, patient-centered approach to imaging simulation with scan-to-scan consistency
  • New HyperSight IR console hardware accelerates performance

Maximize value of your investment
  • TumorLOC offers fast and efficient patient marking and simulation directly from the scanner console and is now more closely integrated into treatment planning tools
  • Tools (such as whitelisting) help keep the CT environment secure and meet regulatory standards, including NEMA XR-29
  • Powered by Windows 7 operating system
  • iPatient upgrade extends system lifetime by four+ years, thereby improving returns on investment

Improve patient satisfaction
  • iPatient helps speed up time to treatment and diagnosis by simplifying workflow and removing inefficiencies so that you spend more time with the patient and less overall time on the procedure
  • Designed for speed and efficiency, the integrated CT simulation environment helps reduce time to treatment for palliative patients

Patient-centered imaging and treatment planning

iPatient offers intuitive workflow and enhanced image quality for treatment planning. New dose tools in this upgrade, including Liver Area DoseRight Index and Brain Area DoseRight Index offer benefits of improved image quality, 3D Modulation, and Automatic Scan Time (AST).

TumorLOC tools for marking and virtual simulation

TumorLOC offers accurate and efficient workflow in imaging simulation by allowing for scan-to-plan functionality directly at the scanner console, integrating more seamlessly with Philips Pinnacle³ treatment planning tools.

iPatient oncology workflow and image quality upgrade - Provides a full suite of oncology features including iPatient, HyperSight IR console hardware, iDose⁴, O-MAR, TumorLOC on console and Pulmonary Toolkit for Oncology with Amplitude Binning.

iPatient HyperSight IR upgrade - Provides rich image quality features and a complete operator console refresh including iPatient, HyperSight IR console hardware and iDose⁴. TumorLOC and Pulmonary Toolkit for Oncology are updated if they were previously purchased.

NOTE: Customers with system installation prior to mid-2007 may need an additional upgrade to the bariatric couch in order to use the new v4.2 TumorLOC application. Philips Customer Service can help to verify the installed couch.

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Feb 1, 2018

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Clinical News
CT Big Bore
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