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Intergrated scanning and planning

Clinical News
Philips CT Marketing Philips Healthcare • USA

TumorLOC overview

TumorLOC seamlessly integrates with the Big Bore RT to enhance your CT simulation capabilities. TumorLOC advances workflow, efficiency and treatment accuracy by allowing you to create structures, define volumes, mark isocenters, read source to skin distances and transfer the information via DICOM RT export. Sharing a common patient database with Pinnacle treatment planning system from Philips, TumorLOC simplifies and accelerates patient marking and CT simulation with unique tools and a new, intuitive user interface.

Key advantages:
  • Provides access to simulation and contouring tools from anywhere, at the CT console or remotely. Supports absolute and reference marking.
  • Introduces efficient automation of common functions.
  • Aids in advancing critical radiation therapy decisions with irregular breathers.
  • Simplifies workflow by sharing a common patient database with Pinnacle.1

Advance your clinical capability

TumorLOC provides localization and segmentation functionality from anywhere - the scanner console, workstation or even the physician’s office.
TumorLOC Anywhere
Physicians and dosimetrists are provided the freedom to access and manage simulation data, MIPs, 4D reviews, IPs and contouring ITVs remotely (reference marking), from anywhere at any time – even between patients or rounds. TumorLOC Anywhere encourages better time management and influences throughput by making the CT available for other patients. For those clinicians that prefer absolute marking protocols, TumorLOC is always available remotely or at the CT console.

TumorLOC offers intuitive automation of common protocols to boost quality and reliability of results.
Because your time is valuable and repeated tasks are best automated, with a single click, you can now record common function for reuse. Automation enables every action on the scanner to be performed identically - resulting in high quality, reliable results. Quality and consistency coupled with time and efficiency savings means that you can focus on more critical patient motivated engagements.

TumorLOC aids clinicians in making confident radiation therapy planning decisions by providing the ability to visualize one or multiple phases of respiration, analyze and determine the extent of tumor motion and review the patients respiratory wave forms.
TumorLOC provides the ability to visualize one or multiple phases of respiration, analyze and determine the extent of tumor motion and review the patients respiratory wave forms. TumorLOC aids the clinician in making radiation therapy treatment planning decisions, by providing the ability to visualize one or multiple respiratory phases, analyze and determine extent of motion, and review the patient’s respiratory waveform. The comprehensive set of tools include cine mode with adjustable speed for visualizing motion over time, slab DRR/DCR visualization tools, and statistics about the patient’s breathing. Breathing statistics may help physicians determine if the patient could be a candidate for gated therapy. Information is provided about consistent of patient’s breath rate, consistency of breath depth (amplitude), and the average max inhale and max exhale phase across all breaths.

TumorLOC simplifies workflow by sharing a common patient database with Pinnacle Pinnacle with TumorLOC offers enhanced simulation capabilities for the CT Big Bore Oncology configuration.
Powered by Pinnacle, this enhanced version of TumorLOC is enabled with a new user interface that provides simulation and contouring tools on the CT console. Relative or absolute patient marking tools combine with CT simulation to enhance workflow and productivity.

TumorLOC software is a comprehensive package of intuitive operations and applications, designed to improve patient care and productivity- all by utilizing a friendly user interface design and access to everything you need for simulation and contouring at anytime from anywhere. This technology is sure to make scanning, visualization and marking fast and easy.

1 Users with Pinnacle Treatment Planning System

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Nov 24, 2018

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Clinical News
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