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IntelliSpace Portal enhances the power of your imaging

Clinical News
Hoogenraad, Frank, Ph.D. Philips Healthcare Philips Global

Data from imaging scanners requires different types of processing. At the same time the amount of information and increased complexity of some processing is growing. Philips has developed the IntelliSpace Portal to overcome data and processing workflow issues and enhance the power of your imaging.

"With imaging systems having more processing needs, Philips' vision is one of easy and fast processing, efficiency and collaboration. IntelliSpace Portal offers advanced processing of scanner data to facilitate data analysis, while enhancing collaboration between physicians and across departments. It's just one of Philips' smart solutions designed to improve clinical care," says Frank Hoogenraad, PhD, MR Product Manager at Philips Healthcare.
 Frank Hoogenraad, PhD
Frank Hoogenraad, PhD

Access anywhere

The IntelliSpace Portal allows the radiologist to focus on the analysis and diagnosis. It removes the requirement to go to the "right" location to deal with data and processing because the processing capabilities and data are where the radiologist prefers to work.

In a traditional workflow setup for advanced processing, each workstation serves specific CT or MR scanners. In more richly equipped hospitals, advanced processing becomes disruptive when the data and the right processing tools are available only in certain processing rooms. Conversely, IntelliSpace Portal is a multimodality advanced visualization server; it harbors processing capabilities for MR, CT and NM data, and has a large capacity to store enormous amounts of data. But more important is that the IntelliSpace Portal turns a radiologist's preferred location into a state-of-the-art workspot.

The IntelliSpace Portal thus places both the radiologist and the technologist in the center, allowing them to do their work without being hampered by constraints of location, specific workstation capabilities or data availability, for improved efficiency and workflow.

Collaborative workflow

In addition, the IntelliSpace Portal allows the radiologist to communicate on advanced results with direct peers or referring physicians. Advanced views can be created and easily sent through email or other means. The recipient only needs one click to generate the same advanced view on the data, including capabilities to further manipulate the specific results. This offline collaboration can then be turned into real-time collaboration by sending a request for interaction to a colleague. When the receiver accepts, both see the same results in real time on their screen, while one controls the screen.

The radiologist now is able to more easily and less disruptively collaborate and communicate on specific patient cases.

Rich clinical applications

IntelliSpace Portal is designed to not only address the core needs in multimodality viewing and processing, but to also offer new dedicated tools for emerging needs in the fields of oncology and MSK imaging. In the Oncology package, Tumor Tracking gives clear analysis of lesions over time to help determine the effectiveness of treatment. Because patients may undergo different types of scanning procedures, Tumor Tracking can be used with a mix of MR, CT and NM data. An important value addition of MR data is the delineation of soft tissue surrounding the tumor. Therefore, fusion or overlay of data is an important feature within Tumor Tracking.

Cartilage Assessment is another new clinical package of the IntelliSpace Portal. Cartilage Assessment helps assess cartilage tissue integrity from T2 relaxivity values. The measurement tool in this package uses a method to partition the cartilage into equal segments, providing a reproducible manner of relaxivity quantification.

Administrative benefits focus on simplicity

A hospital or MRI center with an IntelliSpace Portal only has a single product to maintain. The facility's own computers are turned into workstations, limiting the number of "boxes" in the hospital. The IntelliSpace Portal is scalable and can serve from small MRI practices up to enterprise-wide deployment.

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Dec 21, 2010

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