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Philips drives innovation, efficiency at RSNA 2008

Clinical News
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This year's RSNA includes a very strong showing by Philips MR, with exciting new product launches, announcements of upgraded systems and affirmation of the high quality and reliability of existing Philips products and services. Highlights are Achieva 3.0T TX for superb 3.0T imaging; Achieva 1.5T SE for high-performance scanning at reduced running costs and advances in clinically effective solutions that simplify MR imaging. Visit also: and
Achieva 3.0T TX
Achieva 3.0T TX


Achieva 3.0T TX with MultiTransmit RF technology

The Achieva 3.0T TX is making its debut at RSNA 2008. New technology built into the Achieva 3.0T TX boosts scan speed and enhances image quality with fewer artifacts. Achieva 3.0T TX's MultiTransmit RF technology enables very uniform distribution of the RF signal. Thus, it addresses the high-field challenges of dielectric shading and SAR by adapting the RF signal to the shape and size of each patient's body. TX functionality will also be available as an upgrade for Achieva 3.0T systems.


As evidenced by the success of the Achieva XR system, which can be ramped from 1.5T to 3.0T, and the development of the Achieva 3.0T TX, Philips continues to drive the adoption of 3.0T MR, opening up more clinical areas that can be imaged with 3.0T in clinical routine.

High uniformity with MultiTransmit: Without MultiTransmit
High uniformity with MultiTransmit:
Without MultiTransmit

 Comparison of images clearly shows the better uniformity if MultiTransmit is used.

Achieva 1.5T SE - Smarter Economics

The Achieva 1.5T SE combines excellent performance with savings on running cost and total cost of ownership. The system is easy to install, easy to operate, and offers advantages such as energy savings of up to 50 percent and a compact siting size. The Achieva 1.5T SE is optimized for mainstream use. It reaches its high level of clinical performance with powerful Pulsar HP+ gradients and the full capabilities of Philips' higher-end systems.


New additions to the high field open Panorama

Panorama High Field Open (HFO) has all-new gradients and a new set of Panorama coils for body, shoulder and knee, enabling SENSE parallel imaging in all applications. This enables higher speed and better spatial resolution in images.


Elite Clinical Solutions fit Care Cycle approach

The Care Cycle approach is increasingly used to model healthcare delivery, especially in cardiac care, women's health and oncology. The cycle of care is a series of linked stages: prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, management and surveillance. Philips provides solutions for the different stages in the chain, and uses the model's insights to help make the cycle more efficient and each step more effective.


Philips MR Elite Clinical Solutions are a vital component of care cycles. Developed as a meaningful offering of imaging techniques, supporting coils and peripherals and workflow support tools, Elite Clinical Solutions open up new clinical areas in Neuro, MSK, Body, Cardio, Breast and Vascular MR.


Philips' RSNA exhibit shows many enhancements to the Elite Clinical Solutions, such as better coils and workflow improvements. New is the Elite Pediatric Clinical Solution that provides dedicated methods, coils and peripherals for pediatric imaging.


The Pediatric SENSE Head Spine coil is part of
the Elite Pediatric Clinical Solution.
Images of a 3-month-old child with tethered cord, acquired with the Pediatric SENSE Head Spine coil. Courtesy: Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

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Dec 1, 2008

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