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0.6T High resolution cervical spine

Wirtanen, Pirjo Philips Healthcare Philips Global

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ExamCard purpose

This ExamCard has a selection of high resolution protocols. In sagittal plane the FOV is 250 mm and aquired pixel size is under 1 mm. Scan times are about 5 minutes.


The Neck-L coil is used.

ExamCard overview

Scan 1Survey
Scan 2Shim
Scan 3T2w TSE sag
Scan 4T1w TSE sag
Scan 5B-FFE3D sag
Scan 6THRIVE sag
Scan 7FLAIR sag
Scan 8B-FFE3D tra
Scan 9T2* FFE tra
Scan 10THRIVE tra
Scan 11THRIVE cor

ExamCard images

T2w TSE sagittal FOV 250<BR>Matrix 514<BR>Pixel 0.83*0.86<BR>Slice thickness 4.0 mm<BR>Scan time 5:12 minT1w TSE sagittal FOV 250<BR>Matrix 514<BR>Pixel 0.83*0.83<BR>Slice thickness 4.0 mm<BR>Scan time 4:26 minB-FFE3D sagittal FOV 220<BR>Matrix 540<BR>Pixel 0.73*0.73<BR>Slice thickness 2.0 mm<BR>Scan time 4:26 min
T2w TSE sagittal
T1w TSE sagittal
B-FFE3D sagittal
FOV 250
Matrix 514
Pixel 0.83*0.86
Slice thickness 4.0 mm
Scan time 5:12 min
FOV 250
Matrix 514
Pixel 0.83*0.83
Slice thickness 4.0 mm
Scan time 4:26 min
FOV 220
Matrix 540
Pixel 0.73*0.73
Slice thickness 2.0 mm
Scan time 4:26 min
FLAIR IRTSE sagittal FOV 250<BR>Matrix 460<BR>Pixel 0.93*0.93<BR>Slice thickness 3.0 mm<BR>Scan time 5:00 minT1w THRIVE sagittal FOV 250<BR>Matrix 614<BR>Pixel 0.65*0.87<BR>Slice thickness 1.5 mm<BR>Scan time 4:58 minT1w THRIVE coronal FOV 180<BR>Matrix 540<BR>pixel 0.77*0.67<BR>Slice thickness 1.0 mm<BR>Scan time 5:19 min
FLAIR IRTSE sagittal
T1w THRIVE sagittal
T1w THRIVE coronal
FOV 250
Matrix 460
Pixel 0.93*0.93
Slice thickness 3.0 mm
Scan time 5:00 min
FOV 250
Matrix 614
Pixel 0.65*0.87
Slice thickness 1.5 mm
Scan time 4:58 min
FOV 180
Matrix 540
pixel 0.77*0.67
Slice thickness 1.0 mm
Scan time 5:19 min
B-FFE3D transversal FOV 220<BR>Matrix 518<BR>pixel 0.63*0.68<BR>Slice thickness 2.0 mm<BR>Scan time 4:44 minT1w THRIVE transversal FOV 180<BR>Matrix 480<BR>Pixel 0.63*0.60<BR>Slice thickness 1.5 mm <BR>Scan time 5:27 minT2*w FFE transversal FOV 180 mm<BR>Matrix 450<BR>Pixel 0.71*0.60<BR>Slice thickness 3.0 mm<BR>Scan time 6:04 min
B-FFE3D transversal
T1w THRIVE transversal
T2*w FFE transversal
FOV 220
Matrix 518
pixel 0.63*0.68
Slice thickness 2.0 mm
Scan time 4:44 min
FOV 180
Matrix 480
Pixel 0.63*0.60
Slice thickness 1.5 mm
Scan time 5:27 min
FOV 180 mm
Matrix 450
Pixel 0.71*0.60
Slice thickness 3.0 mm
Scan time 6:04 min

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Jul 3, 2007

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Panorama 0.6T
Release 6
Cervical spine, Neuro

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