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1.5T TMJ with SENSE Flex-M coil - Investigaciones Médicas

Rombolá, Ezequiel, M.D. Buenos Aires, Investigaciones Medicas Argentina

1.5T TMJ with SENSE Flex-M coil - Investigaciones Médicas, Buenos Aires

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ExamCard purpose

This ExamCard is applied to perform a high resolution examination of the temporomandibular joint in patients that suffer from articular dysfunction. It is very useful to visualize the meniscus.

ExamCard overview

Scan 1Survey axial
Scan 2Survey multiplanar
Scan 3Reference scan
Scan 4T1 SE axial
Scan 5PDW_TSE coronal
Scan 6T2W_3D_FFE sagittal closed mouth
Scan 7T2W_3D_FFE sagittal open mouth

The axial survey localizes the TMJ. The complementary multiplanar survey is done to enable better positioning of the high resolution scans for the TMJ. The reference scan is always used with SENSE coils.


A standard axial SE sequence is used for imaging the muscle and TMJ relationship.


A coronal PDW_TSE is acquired to evaluate articular concordance between the mandibular condilum and the temporal glenoid.


The sagittal view is useful to assess the articular meniscus displacements.


Finally the study is completed with the mouth opened as far as the patient can tolerate. The sequence is planned with Manual Start Scan.


Voxel size in the T2W_3D-FFE scan is:

Acquired 0.94 x 1.25 x 5.00 mm  and reconstructed 0.41 x 0.41 x 5.00 mm.


Total scan time: 11:48 min.


Survey_axial Survey_multiplanar Reference scan
Reference scan
T1 SE  axial PDW_TSE  coronal
T1 SE axial
PDW_TSE coronal
T2W_3D_FFE  sagittal Closed mouthT2W_3D_FFE  sagittal Open mouth, maximum patient toleration.
T2W_3D_FFE sagittal
T2W_3D_FFE sagittal
Closed mouth
Open mouth, maximum patient toleration.

Patient preparation

The patient must be in passive supine position with the mouth closed. The SENSE Flex-M coil is positioned over the TMJ of the patient to obtain high resolution and good signal-to-noise ratio.


After the axial survey a detailed multiplanar survey is made to enable correct positioning of the high resolution scans for the TMJ.

 SENSE Flex-M coil positioning
SENSE Flex-M coil positioning

Contrast agent / injection protocol

Not required.

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Jul 4, 2006

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Intera 1.5T
Release 1 (FreeWave), Release 10, Release 11, Release 12, Release 2 (FreeWave), Release 8, Release 9
Explorer / Nova Dual, gradients, Master / Nova, Omni / Stellar, Power / Pulsar
Musculoskeletal, TMJ

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