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3.0T Plaque imaging, compatible with MRI-Plaqueview

Geerts, Liesbeth Philips Healthcare

3.0T Carotid plaque imaging for analysis with MRI-Plaqueview by VPDiagnostics

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ExamCard purpose

The Release 3.2 ExamCard describes 4 sequences to collect the MRI images for carotid plaque analysis. The ExamCard consists of a series of T1W-TSE, T2W-TSE, PDW-TSE and TOF images and requires a SENSE-Flex-S coil.

All sequences have a 150 mm FOV and a FH coverage of 27 mm for coverage of the carotid bulb. Acquisition resolution is 0.49x0.71x3 mm reconstructed to 0.39x0.39x3 mm for the TSE sequences. The TOF is acquired at 0.49x0.71x2 mm and reconstructed to 0.39x0.39x1 mm.
All TSE sequences use BlackBlood pulses for better delineation of the vessel wall.

Analysis of the images can be performed using MRI-PlaqueView, by VPDiagnostics. MRI-Plaqueview provides researchers and clinicians an efficient tool for analyzing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of carotid artery atherosclerosis.  It is based on over 15 years of research and validation by the Vascular Imaging Lab at the University of Washington and other leading institutions.  MRI-PlaqueView provides semi-automated tools, a streamlined workflow, an optimized user interface, and concise analysis reports.

ExamCard overview

Plaque imaging @ 3T

ExamCard images

T1W images T2W images
T1W images
T2W images
PDW images TOF images
PDW images
TOF images

Patient preparation

Position the patient supine on the table. Use a cushion or head rest for improved patient comfort. Bring the SENSE Flex-S coils in the proximity of the carotid bifurcation, which is usually located just under the jaw bone. Fixate the SENSE Flex-S gently to the patients neck using velcro straps.

Instruct the patient to lie still and not to swallow during the examination.

Post-processing / analysis

MRI-PlaqueView will allow analysis of images collected with the proposed ExamCard. In addition, customers can make alterations to the ExamCard to improve resolution and/or coverage.

MRI-PlaqueView opens and displays the following SOP classes:
MR Image Storage 1.2.840.10008.
This is otherwise known as Classic DICOM Images

More information on MRI-Plaqueview can be obtained at:

Note: some products referenced may not be licenced for sale in Canada.

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Jun 25, 2010

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Achieva 3.0T
Release 3
3T, Abdominal MRA, carotid, Carotid, Extracranial MRA, Peripheral MRA, plaque, Thoracic MRA, Vascular

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